Reviewer Guidelines

Reviewer guidelines helps a Reviewer to understand how we work, and this plays a major role in maintaining the quality of the article in Peer Review Process.

For Reviewers

We value and trust our peer reviewers from across the globe who help ensure that the research published in Acquire journals is of the highest quality it can be. The peer reviewer is responsible for significantly understanding and evaluating a manuscript in their specific field, and then come up with considerable, beneficial, and sincere opinion to authors about their submission. It is appropriate for the Peer Reviewer to discuss the potency and limitations of an article, ways to enhance and evaluate the quality of the article, relevance, and the originality of the manuscript.

Review comments classification

We suggest the below categories for review comments classification, it is worth considering the categories as the editor and author find the ease of use.

Do remember that there will be the convenience to express separate comments to both the editor as well as the author. Once you are ready to submit your report, follow the instructions in the email or contact our editorial team.

The final decision

The editor-in-chief eventually makes a decision whether to accept or reject the article. Acquire Publications has no element in this decision. The editor will consider all reviews and be authorized to call for another opinion or ask the author for a revised article sooner than making a decision. The editorial team conveys reviewers with an email notification of the final decision of the reviewed article.

After your review

Once you have delivered your review, you might want to make use of Acquire Publications reviewer recognition platform to ensure that you receive credit for your work. The platform provides a reviewer certificate, as well as discounts for Acquire services.

To no effect, even after concluding your review comments, you must consider the article and any associated files or data as confidential documents. This indicates you must not distribute the work associated with it nor information about the review with anyone without prior approval from the editor.

We take the prospect to thank you truthfully on behalf of the journal, editors and author(s) for the moment in time you have taken to give your valuable and critical input to enhance the article quality.