>Corresponsing Author : Andrew Hague

>Article Type : Report

>Volume : 1   |   Issue : 1

>Received Date : 03 July, 2021

>Accepted Date : 25 July, 2021

>Published Date : 27 July, 2021

>DOI : http://dx.doi.org/JWHA2100102

>Citation : Hague A (2021) CellSonic Cures Covid-19 in Ten Minutes. J Women Health Adv 1(1): doi http://dx.doi.org/JWHA2100102  

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Andrew Hague*

Professor of Advanced Medicine, Britain

*Corresponding author: Andrew Hague, Professor of Advanced Medicine, Britain


A lady in her forties twice tested positive for covid-19 and lost her sense of taste. She was given a treatment with a CellSonic VIPP machine for a few minutes and tested negative. Two days later she still tested negative.


In March 2020 I wrote the protocol for stopping covid-19 with CellSonic based on the disinfective power of the machine that has been known for twenty years. The covid pandemic became government property in all countries and our proposal that non-invasive, drug fee biophysics with no known side effects was ignored by the bureaucrats panicking to find a solution to the deadly virus.
It was only when the operator of a CellSonic machine in England was able to treat a friend on Tuesday, 29th June 2021 that we got the report three days later of the lady’s cure of the infection.


Those testing positive should be given a CellSonic treatment to kill the virus. In England there are testing stations set up in tents in car parks where CellSonic machines could be placed to be operated by nurses. One machine could treat five patients an hour. As with all disease, the sooner the treatment after diagnosis, the quicker and better the healing. Governments would save an enormous amount of money.

Covid-19 Protocol with CellSonic VIPP

Professor Andrew Hague, March 2020, President CellSonic Ltd.
The patient will be treated from front and back and it does not matter which side is done first.
The membrane of the shock head of the CellSonic machine is to be covered in ultrasound gel and the same gel applied to the body where the doctor or nurse will aim at the lungs. This is important because a pressure wave will travel from the shock head, through the gel and through the body to the lungs. The gel behaves like water and bridges the gap between the machine and the body.
Set the energy level to 5 and the number of shocks (also called pulses) to 300. Aim at the lungs.
Understand that the lungs are encased in the rib cage so the pulses can only penetrate through the gaps between the ribs. Angle the head one way and then another to catch the covid-19 virus in the lungs. The pressure will kill the virus.
We know from many years of wound healing that all infections, be they virus, bacteria or parasites are killed by the pressure pulses. No drugs are used so there will be no side effects.
We also know from curing lung cancer that we do not damage the lungs. Nor is the heart damaged providing care is taken.
When the heart is in the line of fire, so to speak, give only 50 pulses and pause a minute or two to let the patient’s heart maintain its own rhythm. Very likely the patient will be gasping for breath with their heart beating fast.
Immediately the pulses hit the virus it is killed. The immune system will sense the change and within an hour the patient should display a sense of relief. But this may not be enough. There could be more viruses hiding in places that were missed in the first attack so give a second treatment three hours later. Viruses left alive will multiply.
Delivering 300 pulses into the lungs from the front and 300 from the back should be enough in one session. In one day, the patient could be given three sessions of treatments.
If the patient feels sore in the throat indicating that the virus is lurking there, treat the throat from the front by aiming through the neck where gel has been applied. Pulses that hit the spinal column will not harm. We aim at the spine as a standard treatment for severed spinal cord and cancer bone marrow.
No special diet is required other than not allowing alcohol, smoking or narcotics. A sedative may help the patient relax.
This is biophysics, not biochemistry. CellSonic kills virus, bacteria and parasite including all mutant variations so it is future proof. There are no side effects. All drugs have side effects.

Additional notes for treatment of covid patients in India with the CellSonic VIPP machine

Andrew Hague, Professor of Advanced Medicine, April 28th, 2020
Until there is a vaccine, the only way to prevent covid-19 infection is to avoid it by keeping away from other people. For most, this is impossible and as the virus is very contagious it will spread rapidly. Worse than that, there is a lag of days between infection and showing symptoms. This affects the protocols for treatment.
In a group or family, if one person is known to be infected, assume all are infected and treat them all. Do not wait until each one is suffering badly. The virus will first affect the throat. The first signs can be loss of smell and taste, then comes the rise in temperature and coughing. You must treat the throat.
Apply ultrasound gel to the person’s throat and give 200 pulses from the front and the sides moving the shock head all the time to aim in at different angles. Even if the person says they feel alright, you must treat them if they were close to others who are certainly infected. Catch the virus in the throat and kill it before it travels to the lungs and beyond. If the person is lucky to not be affected, the treatment will do no harm.
The virus is covered by fat that can be attacked by warm, soapy water. This is more effective than and costs less than disinfectant. Where possible, if patients are queueing for treatments, arrange for them to have a warm shower with lots of soap whilst they wait. The virus could be on the skin, in the hair and under finger nails. See that their nails are cut short, hands and feet. If the weather is warm, and India has something to be grateful for, the people can dry without rubbing with a towel to save contamination and cost of further washing.
What about their clothes being contaminated? If you have the facilities and with some ingenuity you will find a way, wash the clothes as well.
The treatments can be done anywhere. The CellSonic machine only needs a 220 volts supply. If needs be, it could run off a battery but this is unlikely to be needed in towns and cities. There is no need for an operating theatre. The treatment is non-invasive so hygiene is not needed other than washing. All this could be outdoors saving you space and fuss. In fact, outdoors there are fewer surfaces to be contaminated.
Allow ten minutes for the treatment of each throat. When up to speed, each person could be done in five minutes. Think of a production line. Treating early and too soon saves suffering and cost. It is not preventing infection but stopping it progressing if it is already present. If the person is not infected, good and it has only cost five minutes and they are now clean.
If the patient is suffering badly, the treatment will take longer. Very likely the infection is in the lungs. Treat according to the protocol. Where else is there pain? Treat those places. If there is no infection, no harm because there are no side effects with CellSonic. You are not playing with drugs. CellSonic is known to repair kidney failure, heal the liver, reverse diabetes, get the Islets Langerhans working again and even heal severed spinal cord. CellSonic is the best tool you could have for multi-organ failure.
There is a lot of advice being given on diet for covid patients. A common theme is that foods containing zinc are beneficial. Not being in India, I am loath to advise so please check out what is available and see that zinc laden foods are offered. Whatever they are will cost less than drugs. A good doctor in Spain (Dr Jenkins at the Budwig Clinic) insists that injecting vitamin C is helpful. I don’t know so am only passing on to you what I am told.
Having treated a whole family or group, keep them together, isolated from other groups. The policy is isolate and eliminate.
The therapist doing the treatment must be dressed in protective clothing. Be sure it is the ultimate. In the warmth of India, it will be arduous. Try to switch the therapists every hour. The CellSonic machine can run continuously, a human can’t. If the protective clothing and masks can be washed, be sure they are washed. Just shaking them is not enough and, anyway, would scatter the virus around which is the last thing we want. The therapist should then have a warm, soapy shower including washing the hair. If it is a lady with long hair, all the more reason to wash the hair. This is not the time to think about normal routines. There is an invisible virus in a life and death battle with humans.
If the weather allows, it is safer to do the treatments outdoors. You must avoid infection and outdoors is 18 times less likely to transmit infection than indoors.
There are 50 vaccine projects running in the world today. Only a vaccine will stop the virus. A number of these vaccine projects will be successful, hopefully all of them. They will take short cuts and we shall know that they are safe before they are proven to work against the corona virus. At least they will allow some normality to return to this gregarious species we are.
When the virus is eliminated and life returns to normal, the CellSonic machines can start doing their normal jobs of curing cancer, healing non-healing wounds, repairing bones and nerves and treating pain without drugs. Cancer kills more people than covid-19 and will always be with us. Only CellSonic works. It is an electrical fault so biochemistry is useless. It takes biophysics and that is what CellSonic is. It is not magic. It is science.
April 28th, 2020